Buy Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Life Insurance For Entrepreneurs

No matter how hard you work to achieve your goals, it can all be gone in an instant. Life insurance ensures the safety of what you've built so that it doesn't go under after you do. Buy-sell life insurance protects your business legacy!

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How Buy-Sell Agreements Works

What are the most important features of a buy-sell agreement?

First things first, figure out what people make up your company--is it just you, or are there other key players involved?

Know which events trigger the need for a business insurance policy.

Find someone to draft a contract to do away with all uncertainties.

Evaluate how well your company has been doing financially and evaluate the number of shares they have.

Consider taxation laws when setting up the buy-sell plan.

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What if you suddenly passed away? What if you become disabled and can't work anymore? Our buy-sell agreements will protect your assets and ensure business continuity. You don't want to lose what you worked so hard for, do you? Protect your investments with our Texas buy-sell agreements.

Do you know that life insurance can serve as funding for your buy-sell plan? If not, contact south Texas best life insurance agents for funding your buy/sell agreements.

What Events Triggers Buy-Sell Agreements?

There are certain events that trigger to activate buy-sell agreements in the business running in a partnership.


Permanent disability


Business bankruptcy


To know more about buy-sell life insurance policies south Texas, please visit us!

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Benefits Of Buy-Sell Business Insurance In South Texas

The major advantage of buy-sell insurance is it protects the business legacy and handles the conflicts. Apart from this, there are several other benefits you can get for your business and family with our best buy-sell term life insurance;

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Need help with Texas buy-sell agreements? Talk to our agents for free life insurance quotes today!

  • Keep business afloat

  • Ensure company ownership is protected

  • Reduces the chances of a dispute

  • Reduce stress among owners

  • Business asset protection

  • Protects business owners investments

  • Purchase of the company's ownership

  • Death benefits are tax-free

  • Financial protection for the family

Is It Worth Investing In Buy-Sell Business Insurance In Texas?

Buy-sell life insurance can help you protect yourself from unexpected circumstances. Buy-sell life insurance is short-term insurance policies that are designed to set up a contract between the owners of an enterprise which outlines how business shares will be divided when one owner leaves prematurely. In South Texas, buy-sell business insurance is a common way of protecting the company interests; employees; and co-owners.

Buy-sell life insurance can help you protect yourself from unexpected circumstances. If you need any financial assistance, always speak with our professional Texas life insurance agents here . When a key person of an enterprise departs from the organization prematurely, they leave behind them all sorts of problems which could cripple your livelihood but with buy-sell life insurance, these issues are taken care of so long as you pay for it

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Buy-Sell Agreement Types

Considering buying buy-sell life insurance in South TX, you can count on us!
We offer two types of life insurance policies two fund the buy-sell agreements such as:

Entity purchase buy sell agreements - In this agreement, a business can purchase the life insurance (term life insurance) on behalf of its key employees. Therefore only the company pays the premiums and receives the death benefits in the event of unexpected death or disability of a co-owner, key person etc.

Cross-purchase buy sell agreements  - In this agreement, every owner buys the life insurance policy for every other critical employee. When a miss happening occurs in the office, the remaining owners receive the death payout.

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We are specializes in crafting life insurance policies that suit your specific needs and budget. Whether you are just starting out or already established, they will give you peace of mind when it comes to your loved ones' future security.

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